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Launch Control

paolo 23/07/2017 0 comments

The Lakes GT – Launch Control

On Sunday, July 23, 2017, the second Launch Control of the year took place on Italian and Ticino territory. In the morning, after having grouped the cars, the caravan left for the Gandria Customs House. The supercars have been escorted in the Italian territory by the local police, in order to guarantee the participants a unique and exclusive experience. The lunch break took place at the Hotel Castadiva Resort & Spa, where the participants could taste a gourmet menu specially selected for them and enjoy the enchanting location. In the afternoon the supercars continued the tour passing through Bellagio and ending the journey at the LAC Lugano, where participants toasted and celebrated with an aperitif organized by Gabbani, while the parked cars caught the attention of many people present.

Main Sponsors: Tarcisio Pasta, IP Motors, Aston Martin Cadenazzo, McLaren Lugano, Lamborghini Lugano
Sponsors: Carrozzeria Lugano, Cantieri Nautici Silvano Pasta, Vanessa Martinelli Jewellery , ARC Project.

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