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GT XMAS Dinner

paolo 26/11/2022 0 comments

The Lakes GT - GT XMAS Dinner

On Saturday, November 26, the last event of the year, The Lakes GT XMAS Dinner, was held at the renowned Moncucchetto Farm restaurant. Participants had the opportunity during the afternoon to test drive the high-performance Mclaren and Aston Martin cars provided by the event’s main sponsor, Tarcisio Pasta Garage and IP Motors. After a brief visit to the local wine cellar, attendees toasted and celebrated with passing aperitifs. The evening continued with a delicious menu served at the table and was enhanced by live music. For fans there was also an opportunity to sing along or simply enjoy a digestif to end the unforgettable evening.

Main sponsor: Tarcisio Pasta & IP Motors

Sponsor: AXA Lugano Davide Pilotti, Carrozzeria Lugano, Fox Logistics

Partner: Pirelli, BD Plus

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