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GT Museum

paolo 14/05/2022 0 comments

The Lakes GT - GT Museum 2022

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, the GT Museum took place on Swiss soil. In the morning, after a rich breakfast at Kessel, the caravan consisting of about 30 supercars of all the most renowned automotive brands set off for San Bernardino. The lunch break took place at a restaurant surrounded by greenery: the Landhhaus Rheineck restaurant. In the afternoon the supercars continued to the Autobau car museum. Here those present had the opportunity to take a private tour of several halls containing the world’s rarest and most beautiful supercars. The day ended with a bubbly aperitif.

Main Sponsor: Kessel

Sponsor: Carrozzeria Lugano, Fox Logistics

Partner: Pirelli, BD Plus

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