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Launch Control

paolo 19/05/2019 0 comments

The Lakes GT – Launch Control

On Sunday, March 31, 2019, the first event of 2019 tagged The Lakes GT took place on Italian and Ticino territory. The day started with a rich breakfast at the dealership of the main automotive sponsor, Centri Porsche Ticino Lugano. The caravan of 50 supercars sped along the sunny and adrenaline-filled roads of the Selvino Pass, finally reaching the town of Brusaporto. In this place the participants were able to enjoy the delicious and delicious 3 Michelin stars menu * of the DaVittorio kitchen, the enchanting location and the warm summer temperatures. To complete the gourmet day, in the late afternoon participants had the opportunity to visit a Franciacorta wine estate.

Main Sponsor: Centri Porsche Ticino, Corner Trader

Sponsor: Keller Zable, Carrozzeria Lugano, Foolish Detailing

Partner: Pirelli

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